Viro Wins Prestigious Award

Polymindo Permata, Viro has been awarded the prestigious Primaniyarta Export Award for 2011. Viro has been awarded Primaniyarta Export Award

Green not mean:
Our world-conscious company

Committed to collaborating with designers in search of greener materials, Viro is 100% HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), which means it is non-toxic and 100% recyclable. It does not contain any plasticizer unlike PVC. Through intensive quality control Virofiber meets ISO 9001-2000 system standards. Highly-customizable and environmentally friendly, top global designers and furniture brands use Virofiber worldwide in their outdoor furniture applications.
With Viro’s use of the latest extrusion technology, the company requires a highly-trained labor force. Based out of Tangerang, Indonesia, Virofiber involves the local population by providing fair labor conditions and continuous training. Through this employment, Viro plays a positive role in building community and creating a cottage industry. This enhances Indonesia’s economy and reduces illegal logging and deforestation, which often accompanies the production of natural rattan.
The family-run company was founded in 1985 by Junus Sumardi, and first launched its revolutionary new material the U.S. in 2004. Since then, Viro's output has grown exponentially, thus manufacturing and supplying not only Virofiber, but also engineering the unique component in different varieties: ViroThatch, ViroReed and ViroSurfaces. All three of these sustainable new multitudes of Viro are widely available for any design or architectural utilization. To learn more about viro, visit:

A New Weave: Functional, Beautiful, Viroforms.

Invented in 3,000 BC, woven containers have been utilized for countless functions for centuries. Throughout history, the basket’s unique construction allows it to be suitable for practical and utilitarian tasks.  Although ancient methods of basket-weaving have remained, its physical components have advanced with an innovative new material. Viro, the premiere provider of high-end synthetic wicker, introduces Viroforms; the non-toxic, completely recyclable-HDPE versatile woven storage system. Available in a variety of colors and weaves, these baskets are pest & UV resistant, won’t fade, crack or peel like natural wicker basketry. The exceptional feature about Viroforms is that they are fully washable, allowing for easy and fast clean-up. Peerless for a multitude of uses, Viroforms are great around the home, kitchen, office, bath, garden and shopping. These storage totes and baskets are food contact-safe, making them suitable for produce and pantry storage in the kitchen. Since this material is totally waterproof, Viroforms are excellent for the bath, beach and floral and garden applications.

Viroforms are Food Contact Safe

Food Contact Safe

You can put popcorn to nuts, beets to beans, into these baskets and feel confident that no toxins are migrating into your food.

See official Migration Test results.

How to order Viroforms

Viroforms are made by hand, woven by skilled artisans in Indonesia. Most of these beautiful baskets are stocked in the United States, but larger items may not. Some items have minimum ordering requirements. Contact our sales department for more information.

Custom Orders

With our vast portfolio of different fiber styles and color options, Viroforms offers custom capabilities. Minimums do apply. Contact our sales department for details.